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Hail Damage Repair Service



We are recognised National hail catastrophe management specialists. We pride ourselves on working to a very high industry standard in limited space and time constraints. Wherever a storm hits we are able to provide estimators within a 48hour timeframe and a complete operational set up within days.


Having repaired well over 5000 Hail damaged vehicles to date, we know the importance of time and cost.

How is Hail repaired?

The process uses a variety of custom made tools that manipulate the metal back to its original form. This is achieved after obtaining access from a range of different entry points around the vehicle.


What size dents can be repaired?

Dents from as small as your finger nail through to golf ball size (as long as they are not deep) can be repaired. Please visit one of our Repair Centres where we will be able to give you a quote. Free of charge.


Will paintless dent repair crack the paint?

No. Today's paints are very flexible and are difficult to break. In most cases, if the paint is not broken prior to the repair, it will not break while it is being repaired.


Can I get an estimate over the phone?

Unfortunately, it is impossible to determine the size, depth, sharpness, and access to a dent over the phone, our technicians will need to visually inspect your vehicle to determine an accurate estimate.


Is paintless dent repair safe for my car?

Yes by all means. We use no chemicals or extreme temperatures, mismatched paint, blending, no sanding, and no filler! Your factory paint job is the best finish you will ever have!


Will my insurance cover paintless dent repair?

Definitely! Insurance companies see the benefit of repairing hail damaged cars the PDR way! The car is restored to its original finish and the repair time is days rather than weeks.


Why should I bring my car to Extreme Dents?

We are the experts when it comes to hail damage repair service nationally. Not all paintless dent repair is the correct solution and we will recommend a process that warrants the best possible repair for all our customers and their vehicles. Our certified technicians will provide a quality repair that is unmatched in the industry and a lifetime warranty that is yours for as long as you own the vehicle. For the areas that are not able to be repaired by PDR we will be able to conventionally repair them at one of our fully equipped repair Centres